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VIP DOWNLOAD Easily convert Apk to Aab, Aab to Apk on windows



Requirements before using the program is the latest most current version

Disable your antivirus and Windows Defender
Requirement: python 3.6+, java 8 and .NET Framework 3.1
Don't use space or any kind of tokens in your apk, aab, keystore & OutPut folder name

apk to aab

Your apk and OutPut folder do not contain any symbol and space in the name
Your apk should be working
Make sure your apk is not corrupted
aab to apk
Your aab and OutPut folder and directory does not contain any type of symbol or space in the name

sign aab file

Your output aab, keystore, folder, and directory does not contain any tokens or spaces in the name
Your output folder must be empty or it does not contain any aab file named "YourAAB.aab"
Make sure you enter the correct password, otherwise it won't work
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