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VIP Access : Jedi Maker Xtream (IPTV Bouquet Creator) - Version 6.20 - 28/09/2021


Plugin by KiddaC

A plugin to allow the easy creation of bouquets for IPTV playlists.

You can also select the individual categories to create the bouquets for. No need to import hundreds of channels that you do not need.

Tested on:

OE 2.0 images

OpenATV 6.4, OpenATV 6.5





Vu+ OI 3.0 (Vu+ core image)

OE 2.5/2.6 images

DreamOS (DMM core image)



Peter Pan


Oozoon GP4

Universal epgimport.py file attached (python 3 / python 2.7 / dreamboxes) to allow https urls to be used. Copy over to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/EPGImport
Back up your original epgimport.pyo in case you need to reload it.

Note to IPTV providers: I will not be making any personal versions of this plugin that embeds hidden IPTV details into it. So no need to keep asking.

There is nothing in the code that references or will reference any provider.

Note to users: There are no free channels or streams provided in the plugin. Users have to source and enter their own details into this plugin.

My plugin is based on xtream codes, if your service uses none standard api calls, or you have removed standard api calls, then unfortunately my plugin will probably not be compatible with your service.
EPG will be brought in for providers that have set custom sids and xmltv files. Not All providers do.

How to install

FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.

OpenATV install instructions

  • Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
  • memory/tmp
  • Press ok on the package
  • press green to install.
Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.

OpenVix install instructions

  • Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
  • memory/tmp
  • Press ok on the package
  • press green to install.
Reboot your GUI if you are not prompted to.


How to use

The program works in one of two ways.

1) Via a playlists.txt file. Where you can copy and paste all your playlist urls

Now supports standard xtream iptv playlists, External Urls that return m3u playlists or Local MP3s

Currently this playlists.txt file live here.


you can change this file location to anywhere you like via the settings.



2) or you can manually enter your details via the playlists/add playlist.

You then need to create your channel bouquets.

On creating a bouquet... playlists....Ok Button (TV button also works as an alternative)...

This will create your iptv bouquets that can be viewed via the channel select screen (TV Button)

This will also create a xmltv file for use with epg importer plugin. You must select this in epg importer plugin as one of oyur sources.

The run an epg importer scan.

Known Problems

This plugin uses the newer iptv api. Some older/crappier providers will not be compatible.

An invalid URL in your playlists.txt will slow down the initial load of playlists as it tries to validate its existance.

It is recommended you remove/edit any broken URLs as soon as you have confirmed they are actually no longer active.

(You can now comment out providers in playlists.txt file with a hashtag #)

Not Working / Not coded (yet)

Built in player. Streams are viewed via bouquets only at the moment.

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